Goji: The five useful phytochemicals present in them

Published: 06th July 2008
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Goji is known for having numerous beneficial attributes that can contribute to the overall well being and health of a person. If eaten in raw form every day, it is said to have the ability to reverse aging. Goji berries are also known as smiling berries because of the feeling of contentment they bring to the people consuming them. Apart from this, they are also popular for bringing about protection against germs, cell rejuvenation and enhancement in sexual drive. Amino acids present in these berries can really improve the performance of white blood cells by 3 times thus helping you to resist infectious diseases. Due to the different technical methods used in dehydrating and drying these berries, the polysaccharides contained in them usually get affected. In fact, they can become degraded and oxidized in the procedure of converting the fresh berries into dried ones. Therefore, you must choose only the freshest goji berries that you can get in order to reap out their full benefits.

The five useful phytochemcials contains in goji berries are:

1. Beta Carotene: Goji berries contain this phytochemical which is commonly found in salmon and carrots. This chemical is important as it helps in Vitamin A synthesis thus promoting healthy skin, bones and teeth. This vitamin is also best for your cells structure and your eye sight. Goji is among the richest sources of beta carotene available in an edible form.
2. Zeaxanthin: This is a phytochemical also known as retinal antioxidant. This chemical acts as a filter while protecting the person from ultra-violet rays.
3. Lycopene: Goji berries are also a rich source of this phytochemical due to which they contain their anti-oxidant properties. While tomatoes are the richest source of lycopene, consuming goji berries containing lycopene can be extremely helpful in the preventing cancer.
4. Polysaccharides: These are sugar molecules in the form of long chains found in goji berries. They are one of the essential components of goji and are excellent sources of dietary fibers. Apart from this, they are also helpful in stabilizing glucose level in blood and in ensuring that the immune system of a person is working properly. They also improve the way a body absorbs the minerals and decrease the risk of having colon cancer.
5. Phenolics: Together with the lycopene, phenolics contribute to anti-oxidant properties of goji. It is due to the phenolics that goji berries are bright red in color.

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